The U.S. Embassy hosted the launch of a professional development mentorship program which will pair over 200 Guyanese youth (aged 15-25) with professionals in their desired field of work or study.

The six-week project is managed by alumni of the Youth Ambassadors Program who were inspired by the challenges they faced to acquire career guidance for jobs or post-secondary school placements in their fields of interest(s).   Rawletta Barrow, André Ramaldo, Manisha Singh, Raquel Meenkum, Naomi Marshall, Ruth Waddell and Daniel Narsaiah recruited over fifty mentors in the fields of international development, medicine, engineering, and economics to provide free mentoring sessions for young people who applied from regions across Guyana.

In his remarks at the program launch, Deputy Chief of Mission Mark Cullinane praised the young attendees for taking the initiative to participate in such a program and thanked the mentors who are volunteering their time to develop the next generation.

Deputy Chief of Mission Mark Cullinane, speaking to the participants. (U.S Embassy Photo)


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