One of our young people is working on a training program with a foreign company and today he dropped by to chat with me.  “Ms Abrams”, he said, “I was shocked to see how those foreign folks operate.  If they say the meeting should begin at 11:00am, they really mean 10:59am.

When they teach us something new, a trainer will speak for a short while, then they’ll point us to a throve of online resources, and documentation.  We have to read, process, analyze and complete the lessons on our own.  They usually assign a load of work that is difficult to complete on our own.  One or two of us appealed to them for an extension and they said no.  We finally figured out that when we worked as a team, we were able to complete the work before the deadline.”

The young STEMGuyana member went on to say, “you told us these very things Ms Abrams, but some of us didn’t listen!”

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