Police Commander for Regional Division # 3, Senior Superintendent Errol Watts said several persons were arrested on Easter Monday for breaching the Covid-19 measures outlined by the Government.
Watts said that between 08:00 hrs on Monday April 5th, 2021 and 00:00 hrs on April 6th, foot, vehicle and bicycle patrols were done in Region #3.

He noted that several Police ranks were detailed to perform duty at beaches, fun parks, and business places which were all monitored throughout the period.
A number of persons were arrested in the various station districts as listed below:

  1. San Souci, Wakenaam – Nil
    2. Leguan        – 6 persons arrested
    3. Parika         – 4 persons arrested
    4. Tuschen (Out Post) – Nil
    5. Leonora -4 person’s arrested
    6. Den Amstel  – Nil
    7. Vreed-en-Hoop – 11 persons arrested
    8. La Grange       – 1 person arrested
    9. Parfait Harmony – Nil
    10. Wales        – 6 persons arrested

All pending charges.

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