The Prime Minister, Hon. Brigadier (R’etd) Mark Phillips, today, said the Government will continue to support the work programme of STEM Guyana, which is in keeping with its vision for youth development.

The Prime Minister made these remarks during a meeting with Executive Director of STEM Guyana, Ms. Karen Abrams, and several members of the local STEM Robotics team, which was held at his office earlier today.

“I am committed to supporting their efforts and it is important that our Government commits to the development of youth. STEM Guyana is in sync with our ideas for youth development in Guyana, so it is indeed a commitment from our Government to support the activities of Ms. Karen Abrams,” Prime Minister Phillips said.

The Prime Minister also said the Government will be seeking, in the more immediate term, to find appropriate accommodation for the organisation, which will boost its efficiency. The Government also intends to work closely with STEM Guyana to assist in realising its medium and long-term goals.

In response, Ms. Abrams said she shares the sentiments of the Prime Minister about the integral role of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Guyana’s development and she is optimistic about STEM Guyana’s role in this endeavour.

“We were encouraged by what we heard from the Prime Minister…We believe STEM is necessary for the development of the future of Guyana and we are very firm in our belief that vulnerable young people have to have access to this technology. So for that to happen, we definitely need the Government’s support, so we look forward to a long term and fruitful relationship,” Ms. Abrams said.

Director of Industry and Innovation, Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Lance Hinds also attended the meeting.

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