The NY GUYDA organisation’s Secretary Mrs Beryl James

The NY-GUYDA (Guyana United Youth Development Association) nonprofit organisation has funded STEM scholarships for 15 vulnerable students for a 6 month program offered by the STEMGuyana International Academy. Children of security guards, estate workers, and from indigenous or under-resourced communities have been identified for the scholarships.

GUYDA’S Secretary Ms Beryl James stated that, “The Guyana United Youth Development Association (GUYDA) of New York Inc. is pleased to collaborate with STEMGuyana. Your efforts to prepare the youths for the future are commendable and GUYDA extends sincere congratulations to the hard-working team of teachers and the committed young people.  I am heartened to inform you that GUYDA has donated the sum of ($2000USD) to your organisation, which we hope will help the organisation to grant scholarships to deserving youth. We wish STEMGuyana much success as you continue the task of service.”

STEMGuyana is also working with additional sponsors to significantly expand the program for more vulnerable children. Thus far, children from regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 and the US and the Caribbean have registered.

“All of Guyana’s children are valuable and all of them will be needed to develop our great nation. We have to find creative ways to engage and inspire our young people to engage with education in a meaningful way”, said Karen Abrams, STEMGuyana Director.

The Academy program is nearly at capacity and beginning Sunday October 18th, offered preparatory Scratch coding classes for students registered in the program. The Director noted that, “Scratch coding is inextricably integrated into our curriculum and all registered students are required to have a basic understanding of Scratch coding before enrolment, so we offer these classes free of charge to prepare registered students before the academic program begins in November.”

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