An afternoon trip from Region Eight (Potaro- Siparuni) turned fatal for officials from the Ministry of Finance Thursday afternoon as their vehicle crashed, resulting in the death of a senior Finance Ministry official and injuries to others.

The dead official has been identified as Prittipaul Jaigobind, who served in the EU Task Force Unit of the Finance Ministry as an Economic and Financial Analyst.

Two of the injured persons have been admitted to the Linden Hospital, while the third, who suffered minor injuries, remains in the Mabura area.

The Ministry of Finance team was in the Region Eight community for the expenditure of the second round of COVID-19 grants

Reports suggest that the accident occurred early Thursday afternoon after the driver lost control of the vehicle along the roadway between Mabura and Mango Landing after encountering a wild animal.

Mayor of Mahdia, David Adams who discovered the accident scene while heading home to his town this afternoon.

The Mayor said that he encountered the accident scene and the injured persons at around 2:45 pm.

He said he immediately emptied his vehicle of the goods he was taking home and transported the injured persons to the Mabura Health Centre.

The Mayor said once he arrived there, the nurse on duty advised that the injuries were very serious and the seriously injured persons should be transported to the Linden Hospital.

With a Police Officer at his side, the Mayor made the more than two-hour trip to Linden with Jaigobind and two of the other injured persons.

Mayor Adams said he arrived at the Linden Hospital just before 6 o’clock this evening, where Jaigobind was pronounced dead and the other two persons were admitted in a serious condition.

The Mayor explained that the fourth Finance Ministry official was left behind in Mabura as his injuries were minor.

Once stabilized, the two injured persons in Linden are expected to be transferred to the Georgetown Hospital.

Mr. Jaigobind worked at the Finance Ministry for several years and has left his wife and two children to mourn.

Investigation is currently on going.

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