Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Hon Nigel Dharamlall, and Minister within the Ministry, Hon. Anand Persaud, on Wednesday, met with the Mayor of Georgetown, Pandit Ubraj Narine to further discuss plans to enhance the aesthetics of the nation’s capital City.

Today’s meeting, held at the Ministry’s Kingston office, followed a request by the Mayor to iron out the details of the City’s restoration project, as well as foster a deeper partnership with the administration.

The PPP/C government, upon assuming office, established an Inter-Ministerial task force to craft a plan to enhance the quality of life in the City of Georgetown.

The committee conducted a rapid assessment of the physical works to be done in the City. That assessment was completed last Monday.

“We hope that there would be a commitment from the City Council as well, to ensure that the findings of the task force would be implemented,” Minister Dharamlall said.

The Local Government and Regional Development Minister, who is the head of that committee, explained that the move is geared at enhancing the aesthetics of the Georgetown, improving the physical infrastructural, security and safety and drainage and irrigation.

“From our end, those are the critical things we will have to look at to ensure that citizens benefit from all the services we provide…Now it is for us to forge this relationship to ensure that all that we would like to get done, as councillors, as Government, but most importantly as citizens of Georgetown. That the challenges we face, we can overcome these today and get cracking on what has to be done.”

He said that initiative is distinct from the Georgetown Restoration Project, noting that the intention is to work hand in hand with the Mayor and City Council to enhance the quality of life in Georgetown.

Minister Persaud explained that the project’s overarching goal is to return Georgetown to its former status of “The Garden City.”

“We want Georgetown to return to its pristine glory and we want you to collaborate with us in a meaningful way, in a sustainable way in which we can return our City in the pristine way it was.”

Mayor Narine, who was accompanied by Deputy Mayor, Alfred Mentore and a technical team from the M&CC, assured that M&CC is willing to along work with the Government on the initiative.

Georgetown is home to the country’s capital and the seat of government.

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