Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Hon. Deodat Indar made a visit on Wednesday at the Guyana Shore Base Incorporated (GYSBI), Houston, Georgetown.

Minister Indar says he is pleased with the progress of the $3.2 billion (US$16 million) waterfront development project underway at the Houston.

On its completion, the project will have a wharf referred to as ‘berths three and four.’ The structure will cater for a wider operation, allowing more vessels to be docked at the same time, and the handling of heavy lifts.

The Minister further stated that approximately 16 permits were granted during the process.

Project Manager, Mr. Richard Kansinally explains the project to Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Hon. Deodat Indar

While the project was designed by international experts PND Engineers, local contractors are involved in its construction. Several local transportation companies and sand providers have also been benefitting from this major investment.

The Minister said post construction, the project would generate jobs for at least 140 Guyanese.

Meanwhile, GYSBI’s Director, Mr. Robin Muneshwer said berths one and two were constructed between 2014 and 2015, while works on the new berths, three and four, started last October.

“The two berths under construction are a whole different level of construction, using an open sheet cell technology that is new to Guyana, that was patented by a company called PND,” he said.

Mr. Muneshwer also said the new construction will be capable of handling over 100 tonnes per square metre.  “It’s quantum levels what we are doing here. And, it allows us to handle heavy lifts, something that could not be done in Guyana. When we would have completed it, we would be able to do it, so the lot of opportunities which were lost to Trinidad would be here now,” he said.

GYSBI currently employs 350 persons. Mr. Muneshwer said with the extension, more job opportunities will become available, and will further cement the company’s position as the premier shore base in Guyana.

The construction of the new berths should be completed in October 2021.

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