Dear Editor…

My client Enrique Livan has authorised me to issue the following statement on his behalf.

1. He said he was arrested, as he stepped out of his motorcar, at 12:30 pm 27th August, 2020 by a party of 4 Police Officers in a marked police vehicle outside his workplace being GECOM Cowan Street Office. He was not contacted or invited to participate in any interview prior to his arrest.

2. He was followed by a motorcar PWW 5090 in the moments leading up to his arrest. He made a video recording of this and will publicise it at the appropriate time.

3. The Sergeant arresting him refused to identify himself and has still not done so.

4. After demanding to know why he was arrested he was told that an Order has been issued for his arrest. Repeated enquires to ascertain the reasons for his arrest eventually resulted in him being told that fraud was the reason.

5. His cellular phone rang and the Police confiscated it and his motor car. Members of the Guyana Police Force then demanded that he must unlock his phone and surrender it to them unlocked. He said the menacing and threatening manner in which these demands were made ensured he quickly unlocked his phone.

6. He said he asked no less than 15 times to speak to his Attorney. He was asked why Eusi Anderson is his Attorney. He was further asked how did he come to know Eusi Anderson and if other lawyers could not be called. He was asked why he needed a lawyer. Eventually after answering all questions posed and refusing to answer any more he was allowed to call his lawyer Eusi Anderson.

7. He was threatened by a lead investigator with the words “I will take you over to La Grange tonight” when he said he will not answer any questions unless his lawyer was present. My requests to take photographs of the soles of his feet and his face prior to departing CID Eve Leary Headquarters were denied.

8. One Police who identified himself by name commenced the questioning of my client before reading him his rights. He was asked whether he participated in the tabulation and recount process.
9. He was denied the opportunity to call his parents and inform them of his arrest and where he is being taken despite repeated requests.

10. He is a stranger to the law. He is a former immigration officer and commenced working at GECOM in 2013 where he has had a stellar record of rapid promotion and responsibility.

Law Office of Eusi Anderson Esq.
27th August, 2020.

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