First Lady, Mrs. Arya Ali cuts the ribbon at the ‘Welcome to Guyana’ monument. (DPI Photo)

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) over the weekend distributed 90 hygiene hampers to residents of Arangoy and 10 to miners at Aranka, Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region Seven), who were affected by recent flooding.

The packages included a quantity of bleach, soap powder, gloves, and liquid soap.

A resident of Aranka-Arangoy area.

Dr Michael Veerasammy of the Ministry of Health gave painkillers, and other medicine to residents, who expressed gratitude for the assistance.

“I would like to say thanks to the CDC, thanks to the Government, thanks to the Minister of Health and even thanks to the President and thanks to all who involve in this hamper sharing because the bleach and these medications come in real good for us in these parts,” he said.

The CDC said the heavy rainfall on Thursday led to the overtopping of the Aranka River unto the landing at Arangoy, where miners reside.  The water drenched mining pits, disrupting livelihood.

Over 2,500 persons live and operate in the Aranka-Arangoy area.

According to the CDC, “due to the fact that pumps were submerged temporarily, some mining camps had to cease operations.”

Heavy rain at Arangoy

Administrator of Atlas Mining Company in Aranka backdam, Mr. Kemp Archibald said the flood ground operations to a halt at his camp since Thursday.

“The flood out, we call that wash de bush and due to that most of the workers can’t do no work. Some persons who are on high ground with smaller operations, they get to function now and again,” he explained.

The flooding has since receded from the lands. However, the CDC will continue to monitor the area.


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