Last Friday, prime minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, awarded two students from the University of Guyana class of 2020 with the Prime Minister’s Medal for outstanding performances in their field of study.

The students honored were Dr. Jonelle Europe – the best graduating student in the school of medicine and Ms. Desiree Noble – best graduating student in the Faculty of Social Sciences with a degree in public management.

Prime minister Phillips congratulated the students for their commitment and exceptional performance despite the COVID-19 pandemic. “I know COVID-19 would have presented challenges for students who would have had to attend classes virtually, congratulations for overcome those challenges and being here today as exceptional graduates of the University of Guyana.”

He also congratulated the parents of the graduates, who attended a simple ceremony at his office. “For every graduate there are parents or relatives who sacrifice a lot and I would like to congratulate you also.”

The graduates were elated to receive such an award.

Dr Europe stated, “I am happy and very proud to have achieved such an accomplishment after working so hard for five years…. my greatest challenge is probably the consistency of the program requires.”

Dr. Europe is an intern at the Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation (GPHC) and hopes to specialize in a field of medicine.

Ms. Noble said, she always had the potential to excel.

“I have always believed in myself and I know I have the ability to accomplish great things, and I’ve always told myself that if anybody can do it, I can do it.”

Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips along with the graduates. (DPI Photo)


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