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Award winning gospel singer, Samuel Medas, won Guyana’s 2021 Soca Monarch crown on Saturday night by taking the stage with his newest song “Stadium”, declaring that “inside is nah fuh we”.

Medas also walked away with the Best Newcomer Award.



Award winning gospel artiste, Samuel Medas

The Soca Monarch competition was held virtually and broadcast on social media and a number of local tv stations live from the National Cultural Centre.

This event was hosted and organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. It was Medas’ first outing in the Soca Monarch Competition.

The winning song, “Stadium”, tells the story of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and returning to a familiar place of celebration, the national stadium.

With dancers dressed like some of the people who are ready to return to the stadium, Medas used his experience as a regular and seasoned stage performer to easily cruise to victory, even while reflecting that “I know we had a tough year”.

Known for his gospel hits like “Royalty” and “Overflow”, Samuel Medas later said he did not enter the competition for the crown or the money, but to use the stage to celebrate Jesus Christ.

“All glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I didn’t come for the money because Jehovah Jireh is already my provider and I didn’t come for the crown either because I am Royalty already. And even when they gave me the crown, which they did, I just throw that at the feet of Jesus because when I was a nobody, he gave my life meaning and made me travel to nations and give people hope”, Medas said.

He said that his dream was as good as his team and he offered thanks to all of people who voted for him and supported him in the competition.

Samuel said in the lead up to the competition, he once considered bowing out because of some of the controversy surrounding “a church boy in a soca monarch”.  He said many of his supporters in the church encouraged him to continue in the competition and that encouragement pushed him on.

The 2nd position was captured by former Calypso Monarch, Diana Chapman who has been a seasoned campaigner for the Soca Monarch crown over the years. Diana missed the days of being outside and pulled off an exciting performance from inside the NCC.

Her first runner up spot is her best showing in a soca monarch competition.

Placing 3rd was former Junior Calypso Monarch Tennecia DeFreitas who uses the stage name “Niketa”.  While, “feeling the vibes again”, Niketa sang about longing to return to the Mashramani and Carnival celebrations. With probably the best vocals on stage for the night, Niketa used the stage well and even played the steel pan while at it.

Four-time Soca monarch Jumo Primo was left partying in his house in the 4th position.

Earlier on Saturday night, the Chutney Monarch Competition was hosted with newcomer, Kevin Satrohan Singh capturing the crown with his dedication to “My Baby Guyana”.

Kevin appeared surprised by his big win. He unseated 2020 Chutney Monarch Bunty Singh, leaving him in the 2nd position with his encouraging chutney entry to “treat your woman right”.

Fan favourite Vanita Willie was dressed as a dulahin as she prepared for her dulaha to marry her, but she was left in the third spot.

The two back-to-back competitions were well produced. The festival band that played for the artistes in both competitions performed exceptionally good and brought out the musical richness in the songs.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport continues its virtual competitions this weekend with the Steelpan competition and the Calypso Monarch competition.

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