Last Friday, President Irfaan Ali swore in 17 land surveyors, during a ceremony at the Baridi Benab, State House.

Senior members of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission, including the CEO and commissioner, Enrique Monize addressed the group.

President Ali addressing the newly sworn in surveyors (OP Photo)
President Ali said that they will be a demand for land surveyors as the country expands. The surveyors received their credentials, and were  encouraged to elevate themselves as Guyana continues down the path of rapid development.
The Head of State pointed to the “respected and prestigious” nature of their careers and charged them to wear their badge with honor and respect and be professional.
One of the newly sworn in surveyors along with President Ali (OP Photo)
President Ali, quoted the Land Surveyors (Profession Act) of 2014 and told the group to use it as a guide.
“The ‘Act’ is your rule book. It enumerates the activities with respect to your profession. It also stipulates the qualifications and requirements for registration as land surveyors. The ‘Act’ must become your guide as you engage in the practice of land surveying.”
He (President Ali) told the 17 land surveyors that they have a chance to create history.
“Don’t let your story be told. write your own story, follow the rules and the laws. You are an important asset in safe guarding the natural resources of our country.”
The Head of State, emphasized about the dynamics of surveying and the many variations that will be needed, including marine surveying.
Afridi Ali, Colin Henry, Kelwin Gittens, Akeem Benjamin, Amanda Bobb- Semple, Terrence Griffith, Tearra Fredricks, Lisa Allicock, Ashton Blair, Alex Lord, Aclint Weekes, Dahron Hopkinson, Natasha Ramewsar, Alex Pearson, Alejandro Latchman, Anop Chetramand Dale Fraser were the 17 surveyors that were sworn in.

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