One hundred and forty inmates at the Lusignan Prison have been diagnosed with COVID-19, following an ongoing screening campaign at the facility.

Eighty of the affected prisoners have been relocated to a secure location to reduce overcrowding there, Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Robeson Benn has said.

The Minister made this disclosure while responding to questions from Opposition Members of Parliament, today, in the National Assembly.

Minister Benn said prison wardens on Saturday took the necessary measures to stop another prison break at Lusignan Prison, which resulted in the death of two inmates.

He recalled that on Friday, the prisoners became uneasy after hearing of positive cases of COVID-19, and they refused breakfast. Similar actions the following day led to Minister Benn and Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony visiting the facility to address the prisoners’ concerns.

The prisoners were not receptive to the engagement and attacked the Ministers and wardens. Prison officers were forced to restore order which resulted in shots being fired and two inmates killed and five injured.

The overcrowding of the prison has been an ongoing issue, particularly since fires destroyed buildings at Lusignan and Georgetown facilities.

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