PNCR Shares Ramadan Message


May the Guidance and Mercy of Almighty God be with us all!

On the occasion of the commencement of the Holy Month of Ramadan 2022, the People’s National Congress Reform extends warm greetings for a successful month to our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, especially those living in Guyana.

As the 9th month of the Islamic calendar is upon us once again, it is one of the most sacred times for the Muslim community, one  in which we are encouraged to practice self-discipline, fasting from dawn to dusk, increase acts of worship especially the night prayers, heighten work of charity and, importantly, strengthening of families.  This month historically is known as the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and so emphasis is made to complete the reading of the entire Quran individually and collectively.

During this month, the Muslims throughout the world observe this period with the intention of gaining the forgiveness and mercy of God Almighty as they practice self-control and sacrifices the desires of this world. A fasting person gives up food, drink and sensual pleasures during their fast so that the experience may be humbling and a reminder of the conditions of the poor and less fortunate among us. This month offers us an opportunity to reflect on the conditions and struggles of our impoverished and oppressed people.  Today in Guyana, a significant proportion of the population is experiencing great difficulty in providing food for their families.  We hope that this month brings us closer to this realization so that we may increase our charity towards the poor and underprivileged so as to bring ease to the people.

As we set out to observe this holy month, we are cognizant that during this time, especially in the evenings, a large number of Muslims will congregate in the Masjids to break their fast and pray together as is customary.  We wish to remind that the Covid-19 pandemic is not over and so everyone should fulfill their duties but be responsible and observe the protocols put in place for such gatherings.

Once again, we wish the Muslim community a successful Ramadan 2022 and encourage everyone to reflect on this opportunity of self-sacrifice and discipline to garner greater inclusion and promote harmony among the people of Guyana.

Ramadan Mubarak from the PNCR family!